Male Circumcision: Yes or No?

Male circumcision is a pretty controversial topic with its own pros and cons. We won’t get into any religious reasons in this article, as religion is up to each and every person individually. This article will instead focus on the scientific and medical pros and cons of this procedure.

What exactly is circumcision?

The penis on the end of the foreskin is a complex organ of its own accord and is responsible for various functions. First of all, the foreskin is one of the major nerve centers of the body. Those men who have a foreskin were compared to those men who didn’t and it was found that the ones that had a foreskin were able to have more intense orgasms. On the other hand, they also ejaculated much faster than the men without foreskins and they were also finding it more difficult to delay their orgasms and control the pace of their lovemaking.

The foreskin is sometimes removed from babies when they are born, but it can also be removed later on in life for medical reasons. A careful incision is made and the entire foreskin is removed. The reasons for its removal can be for emergencies (such as if you tear your frenulum; the penis is incredibly dense with blood vessels and cuts there can be very difficult to heal, so often circumcision is the only way to stop the bleeding).

What are the medical advantages of not having a foreskin?

The only real advantage to not having a foreskin is that you will have less nerves in your penis than men who still have one. This will probably mean that you will be able to climax a lot slower than other men. In some cases, this can be a bad thing, but in most cases it only helps. Women take much longer to climax than men on average and circumcised males find that they can often match their partner’s orgasms better than men who still have a foreskin.

What are the disadvantages?

One of the biggest disadvantages of not having a foreskin is that your feelings of pleasure might be less than for other men who have one. But your lovemaking sessions will also probably be longer, so it’s a trade off and your choice, really.

The foreskin also creates a fluid which is known to have anti-bacterial properties and men who do not have a foreskin may be more susceptible to illnesses and skin conditions on their private parts unless they really take care of their personal hygiene and wash very frequently. This can mean more than multiple times a day when it’s hot in the summer and you are very sweaty, for example.

Wait a minute... what circumcision?!

Hang on a second, you might be asking, if more than 80% of men are dreaming on penis enlargement, why on earth would someone want to have a part of their penis removed? Why would anyone willingly submit to this procedure in the first place? Most men, when they think of a knife coming anywhere near their penis, would go into an apoplectic rage and start breaking stuff very violently.

There is a psychological reason and it has to do with women. Men want to please women and believe it or not, a circumcised penis actually looks slightly bigger than one that is uncircumcised. Many women believe that foreskins make a man’s member look wimpy. This could be one of the reasons why men would talk themselves into having the end of their penis amputated.

Regardless of what your take is on circumcision, the important thing at the end of the day is that it’s not about your penis, but about how you’re using it. You should keep it healthy and stimulated enough for longer and harder erections.



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