Proextender System: Enlarging Your Potential

The Proextender System is one of the most advanced penis enlargement products on the market. One of the main reasons why it is growing in its customer base so quickly is for the simple fact that it is not just offering a penis enlargement device, as it offers an entire system.

Now, men everywhere have tried penis enlargement devices with absolutely little to no results. But, why do other products fail so miserably? The answer lies in the approach.

Now the concept for most of these products is actually sound science, but the product development has fallen short of its own concept.

The Only Way To Enlarge a Penis

In essence, the only way to enlarge a penis is really the only way to enlarge anything else in the body: stretching. It is difficult to understand why there are so many “snake-oil-gimmicks” out there that only serve to fleece you of your hard earned dollars. Why don’t folks just look to their own exercise experiences?

That’s exactly what the developers of the Proextender System have done. Basically, how these devices work is through micro tears and cell duplication. Using these techniques, they can actually enlarge a penis, as you would through stretching before you workout at the gym.

When you stretch, you lengthen your muscles and tendons to be less susceptible to injury and to be more effective. Did you know that you can use that exact same technique on your penis in order to achieve the same goal?

In fact, that method has been in practice for several centuries, but the only problem is that it requires time, effort, and privacy. These are three objects that busy men do not always have. This is why Proextender System developers came up with a way to increase the effectiveness of the product, also minimizing time, effort, and privacy problems associated with the practice.

image of proextender system full packageHow It Works

The Proextender System will actually stretch out the penis tissues slowly, by applying a vice to the head of the penis, stretching out by pushing outward against the pubic bone.

In addition to that, included with the device are two supplements that increase the abilities of the device.

The first is VigRX male enhancement supplement, which optimizes blood flow to the necessary areas, and the other is a sexual pleasure supplement, designed to increase semen loads. Also, it comes with a penis workout system.

Overall, this system is not just a way to make your penis a little bigger. It is perhaps one of the best systems to permanently enlarge your penis. The reason is that it is almost guaranteed to deliver results, all the while providing the ability to do it in a private, timely, and convenient way.

Did you know that you could be reading this article right now, while you are engaged in increasing the length of your penis? You could be doing this while driving in your car, typing out emails, and watching a movie.

The system is designed to keep you wearing the device for as long as possible, increasing your ability to receive results, by making it a system that will not change your way  life.


The Proextender System is perhaps the best way to gain a longer penis without having to alter your lifestyle in an inconvenient way. The reason why so many other penis extenders do not work is that they are rather uncomfortable and incredibly inconvenient, but these problems are not present with the Proextender System. If you are still unsure about the product, then make sure you do some research, and learn about the capabilities.

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