Erection Creams and Their Advantages Over Penis Pills

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in the modern world. The ability to achieve an erection is the number one factor for high self esteem among men. However, getting an erection and sustaining it are two different things, plus some men are suffering due to premature ejaculation.

To enjoy your sexual life, you should be able to last long enough and eventually satisfy your partner. With modern technology and medical developments, it is possible for every man to satisfy their partners in bed irrespective of their background.

Sad Statistics

10% of men around the globe suffer from erectile dysfunction. This problem occurs at varying degrees, from mild to severe. Those who experience mild impotence are able to achieve 8 erections in every 10 attempts. Moderate impotence occurs when you are able to erect 5 times within 10 attempts.

Those who erect 0-3 times in 10 attempts are said to be suffering from severe erectile dysfunction. It is possible for you to move from mild to severe level and vice versa. Habits such as smoking and binge drinking can affect your sexual health in adverse ways, while healthy lifestyle can improve it tremendously.

Conditions such as diabetes, aging and high blood pressure can also put you at risk of sexual disorders. In addition, surgery, medications and psychological problems can also disrupt your performance in bed thus resulting in premature ejaculation or even inability to erect.

Popular Solutions

Oral pills, creams, surgical procedures and herbal remedies have been used to cure erectile dysfunction. For ages, Viagra has been marketed as the only remedy for impotence but today, you have a wide range of solutions. By instance, it is possible for you to achieve and sustain an erection through the use of a sex cream.

In addition, inreased circulation to the genitals leads to improved performance, and this is the result that your sexual enhancement cream should promise to deliver.

How to Choose an Effective Erection Cream

Erection creams are being sold over the counter as well as through online stores. A prescription from the doctor is the fastest way to get rid of weak erections or premature ejaculation, but you can also cure your problem without prescriptions.

You do not have to pay a medical doctor to prescribe a cream for you; getting one is as easy as opening your browser and typing in your shipping address.

However, finding the best erection cream can be tough especially in a market full of counterfeit products and scammers. A general internet search can provide you with a list of the most popular sexual enhancement gels.

Before placing an order, take your time to read reviews from different sources on what these creams can do for you.

There are natural creams for better erections, for instance, ProSolution Gel or VigRX oil. These products are all natural and have no known side effects. You can order them online at any time of the day. This saves your time, and of course, money. These products are shipped discreetly.

Advantages of Creams Over Pills

Erection creams have one advantage over all other erectile dysfunction remedies. First, they are easy to use. All you need is apply them on the genitalia and wait for results. Secondly, they are convenient. You can apply them any time of the day even before sex. Thirdly, they work fast because oils don't need to go through esophagus as all pills do.

Applying erection gels involves some massage, and this is among the most effective ways to boost circulation. Since it involves getting in touch with the problem organ, you are guaranteed of effective results.

Fourthly, your partner does not have to know. If your partner is not aware of your problem, or you just want to keep it confidential, you can always trust your cream. You can apply the cream during shower time while dressing just like other cosmetic products and your partner will never know.


If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or just want to improve your sexual performance, there is no need to spend a fortune on overpriced Viagra or prescription pills. There are natural sexual enhancement gels to help. However, if you are looking for a long term solution, learn more about herbal penis pills; if you need to boost your erection from time to time, we recommend trying ProSolution Gel.

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