The Lowdown on Male Sexual Enhancement Tools

Chances are ads for sexual enhancement pills, creams, and other products clog up your email's spam filters every day. If you're like lots of men, you might have considered trying some of them. After all, who wouldn't want to feel more powerful and more satisfied in the bedroom?

But then, that little voice in your head stops you by saying, "What's the deal with all of these male sexual enhancement products? Do they even work?"

The truth is -- some of them offer nothing more than silly sales copy. However, there are definitely legitimate male sexual enhancement products out there. The key is being able to separate fact from sales hype.

Instead of randomly clicking on ads in your Spam folder, start by arming yourself with facts about these 4 popular sexual enhancement products for men:

1. Penis Enhancement Pills

Unfortunately, even if you're willing to walk into your doctor's office and broach the embarrassing subject of your bedroom performance, you may not walk out with a prescription. For doctors to prescribe something, you need to have a sexual problem that they can diagnose.

If your bedroom woes aren't the result of any medical problem, there are tons of supplements you can try. They may not work instantly like those little blue pills do, but things like VigRX Plus can give you some much-needed assistance, especially when you make them a part of your regular routine.

Just make sure you get an all-natural product. The goal is to get healthy supplements, NOT fill yourself up with bizarre chemicals.

2. Erection Creams

Second in popularity only to pills, male sexual enhancement creams can definitely work. In order to weed through all of the potentials, you'll need to start by deciding what you need yours for -- added size when erect or better and harder erections. Luckily, creams can do both!

Then, read the science behind them. The good ones will offer you biological reasons as to why they'll work.

3. Extenders/Traction devices

If you're chuckling at the thought of using one, stop! After all, if women can buy bras with underwire, padding, and god-knows-what else to get a boob-boost, there's nothing wrong with using a penis extender to give you a little more confidence in the bedroom.

These products can definitely work, but they'll take some patience on your part. No matter what the sales copy says, you WON'T wake up tomorrow 3 inches longer! Over time, though, you can definitely get a few inches bigger.

4. Penile Exercises

Whether its special stretches or special techniques (like jelquing), the right exercises can help you add size and maintain erections longer.

But, like the extenders, it won't happen overnight. If your girlfriend is constantly calling you a "commitment-phobe", you may want to try something else!

The upside is that exercises are a lot more "secretive" than other male sexual enhancement tools. Once you learn the right technique, you don't have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving at your doorstep!

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