Jelqing Exercises and How to Do It Properly

There is a lot of research that has been done regarding penis enlargement via exercise. Some of these findings have been well documented online. One of the most popular workouts used to enlarge the male anatomy nowadays is called Jelqing technique.

This method is said to have its origin in the Middle East. According to the historical data, Arabic men used jelqing to enlarge their penises for up to twenty inches... We believe this is a kind of exaggeration, however, who knows...

Regardless of whether these facts are true or false, jelqing is presently used to describe a few penis enlargement exercises which include milking, massaging and some other types of penis stretching techniques which are known to help grow the penis in terms of the length and girth.

How does jelqing work? Milking the penis helps pushing more blood into the spongy tissues which are referred to as corpora cavernosa. When done properly, this method helps in increasing the size of the spongy tissues cell walls by making cells duplicate.

The same principle is used in the latest devices, by instance in Vimax extender. The outcome means that your anatomy will become longer, meatier and will be able to hold more blood when erect.

The jelqing technique does not have any medical approval or the only one right method to do. Based on success stories, it works on both an erect and flaccid penis, but the jelqing results are known to be better when the penis is semi erect.

Just like other normal exercises, jelqing should be done at least 5 times per week to ensure its effectiveness. In most cases men using this technique are able to see an increase in the length after 6-8 weeks while the girth increases just after a few months.

Things To Do Before Jelqing

1. Measure the size of your penis

It is important to keep an eye on the progress you are making by keeping a diary which documents all the gains you make. You can choose to document the size gained on a weekly basis and it is recommended that the measurements be taken on an erect penis because the size of a flaccid penis can vary depending on the different conditions.

You should record both the girth and the length. There are different methods of measuring that have been suggested but the method you use does not matter so long as you remain consistent by employing the same method every week.

2. Warm up your tool

You need to get warmed up before starting this exercise. First of all, you need to give your penis a massage and achieve a partial erection. Soak a cloth in warm water and then use it to wrap the penis for around three minutes. This procedure should be done two or three times. You could also stroke the partially erect penis in warm water.

The Process: How to Jelq Correctly

Start by lubricating your semi erect penis using a lubricant like baby oil. Make an okay sign at the base of the penis using the thumb and forefinger then firmly grip it. Milk towards the end of the penis and as one hand approaches the end you should do the same thing with the free hand. This should not be applied on the tip of the penis.

This exercise should be done in continuous motion alternating in between the different hands. Strive to complete at least 100 jelq strokes with each hand. Each jelq should take 2-3 seconds to complete. The strokes should be increased every week. 100 a day for the first week, 200 for the second week and by the time you reach the fourth week you should be doing 500 a day.

Do It Safely

You can try using a penis exercise program that has been designed by professionals such as just to make sure that you are doing it safely. Warming up is necessary if you are to jelq and so is the lubricant. Make sure your jelqing grip is comfortable to avoid getting bruised.

Do not jelq with a full erection and avoid ejaculating. Upon completing your jelqing routine, you should carry out a warm down routine which basically entails doing the same routines that you used to warm up. It is essential to do the exercises properly and consistently if you are really interested in having a bigger penis size.

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