How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation Using Discreet Methods

It is unfortunate that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction among many men today. While some people think that only older men experience this devastating condition, men of all age groups can suffer from this dysfunction. However, there are many useful methods that men can implement to help solve this problem.

One such natural method is through self-distraction. When men feel themselves becoming highly aroused and ready to reach a climax, they need to slow down and think of something distracting. This may seem difficult, and it may take some time to learn self-distraction, but it can be extremely effective.rapid ejaculation image small

Another effective method is stopping and starting. If men feel as if they are going to climax early, they need to stop penetration with their partner and try to relax for a few minutes. This does not mean they need to stop being intimate, as there are many other things they can do with their partners during this rest period.

One of the most common methods that men use to stop premature ejaculation is squeezing the top of their penis, just below the head, when they feel a climax coming too soon.

They should squeeze the penis for about 20 seconds and stop any stimulation for about 30 seconds, at which time they can resume their sexual activity. Men can repeat this method as many times as they may need to during intercourse.

Sexual positions during intercourse can also play a significant role in how long a man can last during sexual activity. Many men say that when their partner is on top, they can last longer. On the other hand, some men say that they can last longer when they conduct intercourse from behind. Finding the perfect position during sex, may be the key to solving premature ejaculation.

Prolonged foreplay can significantly increase the time that men can last in bed, as well. Rather than spending all of their time on penetration, they need to focus on spending a great deal of their time on kissing and other foreplay. This also helps arouse their partners, bringing them to a climax well before the men have begun to gain arousal themselves. In this way, their partners will be satisfied, and the men can go on with penetration.

Finally, there are many creams available that can effectively desensitize the penis and help men last longer during intercourse. Wearing one or even two condoms can also help to reduce the sensitivity of their penis and help them last much longer during sex. It may take a little trial and error to find the perfect method to prevent premature ejaculation, but all of the above methods have proven to be extremely effective among men of all ages.

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