How is Andropause Treated - Important Information for Men

Also known as “male menopause”, Andropause causes deteriorations in health that are linked with reduced levels of the male hormones, testosterone and dehydroeipandrosterone. This controversial syndrome usually occurs in middle age, when production of these vital hormones slows down considerably, and it triggers a range of health-related difficulties, including trouble concentrating, tiredness, anxiety, hot flashes, and loss of sexual drive.

As you can see, Andropause may be quite debilitating for some men, just as menopause is for some women.

If you’ve been experiencing the symptoms listed above and you’re in middle age, you may have Andropause. It’s important to see a doctor if you suspect that this issue exists; after all, some of the symptoms of Andropause are the same as symptoms of other health conditions, and it’s always helpful to have a thorough check-up that will diagnose or exclude Andropause (or another medical condition).

If you already know that you have Andropause, it’s time to explore some treatment options that may offer you a large degree of relief from even your worst symptoms.

Best Andropause Treatments

Since Andropause is caused by plummeting hormone levels, hormone replacement (particularly of testosterone) is usually the preferred (and most recommended) treatment for this health condition. Many therapeutic pills, such as those offered by, bring about increased production of male hormones through the use of beneficial active ingredients (such as natural herbs that elevate hormone levels) without causing unpleasant and unwanted side effects.

If you want to regain the vim and vigor that you enjoyed before Andropause set in, Provacyl may work well for you. Safe, effective and cheaper than typical testosterone injections at a medical clinic (these injections cost several hundreds of dollars per month), Provacyl offers plenty of benefits to any man who struggles with Andropause.

Because Provacyl is so affordable and so easy to order discreetly online, it’s a perfect choice for many men who prefer to tackle their Andropause health issues economically and privately.

If you prefer to be treated at a clinic for your hormone problems, you may need quite a bit of money every month for the injections that you need (hundreds of dollars). You will usually receive these shots by visiting a clinic every couple of weeks or once a month. Injections may hurt quite a bit, but they will give you the testosterone that you need.

However, many men who choose this method of treating their Andropause symptoms find it difficult to handle the scheduling hassles related to attending the clinic, while also leading their busy lives. In addition, the amount of hormone injected may be too extreme for some men to handle, as it tends to cause mood swings.

Get Proactive about your Health

Now that you know more about Andropause and how to deal with it, it may be time to get proactive about your health by choosing the right treatment plan. By gently and safely improving and elevating your natural hormone levels, you will feel more energized, alive, and healthy. A moderate approach is best, so look for treatments that promise benefits without triggering “roller-coaster” mood swings and other side effects.

It’s important take action and to improve your life with the right therapy for Andropause. There is plenty of hope, so don’t give in to feelings of sadness or despair. By seeking out medical attention or choosing your own safe and gentle hormone replacement treatment, you will get back the “good feeling” that you may have thought was gone forever.

While there is no “fountain of youth”, hormone elevation through the proper use of therapeutic herbs is a perfect way to experience a youthful feeling and mindset, without any harmful side effects.

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