How Does Stress Affect Our Health?

When answering the question, how does stress affect the human health, it is often helpful to know the root cause of the condition. Of course, this is not always possible as the condition has many triggers and causes. One of the most common being post-traumatic stress disorder. However, if an individual keeps a log of ongoing activities and can identify which ones create tension, it can often be much easier to eliminate.

So, what is stress? Generally any act seen as harmful or threatening. After which, the body generally reacts with a fight or flight response. A process in which adrenalin and other related hormones are released into the bloodstream during tense periods. In addition, this type of tension can often wreck havoc on sleep as insomnia is another common side effect.

Of course, learning to breathe slowly is an excellent way to overcome panic attacks. However, it is also important to note that not all tension is necessarily bad.

A good example of this is with sports figures who often use it to reach maximum potential. For example, those undergoing scrutiny for doping allegations but still holding heads up high. Thus, proving that a little can be beneficial while long-term tension can often be life threatening.

One can also use guided meditations which can be found online. Or, better yet, attend a local meditation class or service.

Another method which is often great for releasing tension is dance or other movement related activities. After which, individuals generally feel more energetic while also experiencing a more connected feeling with body, mind and Spirit.

It is easy to see that most today is emotional and mental rather than physical in nature. Although, there are other forms which include, but are not limited to, academic, wedding and parental stress. However, as ongoing tension can often result in a lack of memory, poor concentration and irritability, it is something that needs to be dealt with on a regular basis.

Otherwise, it can lead to a poor appetite, malnutrition or even death. For example, individuals have often been known to either starve oneself to death or commit suicide during extreme bouts. Whereas, such extreme cases can also lead to severe mental illness like obsessive-compulsive disorder or schizophrenia.

In other cases, an increased appetite related to frustration and tension can often lead to weight issues and cardiovascular disease. In addition, fatigue, headaches and nausea are all common symptoms of someone suffering from a related illness. It can also slow down the healing process while increasing risk of complication or infection.

Last but not least, fertility and libido can also be affected. For example, an extreme condition can lead to poor egg and sperm production. Whereas, many individuals try to use a number of negative behavior to ward it off which include, but are not limited to, smoking, drinking and abusing drugs, none of which are good for the human body.

To this end, the answer to the question how does stress affect health is that it can often lead to a number of health complications, diseases and issues. Although, it is not always the stress which increases these risks. Rather, it is the behavior of the individual in warding off the stress which generally contributes to heath issues later in life.



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