How Does The SizeGenetics Extender Work?

If you have been looking to increase the size of your penis, there are many male enhancement options available to you on the internet today. You will find that there are pills, creams, pumps, exercises, and the penis extenders. Of all of the extenders, the SizeGenetics is one of the top selling of the devices.

The last thing you want to do is throw away your money on something that does not work. It is bad enough that you have been going through life thinking that your penis is too small. This article will cover some basics about the extension devices.

Out of all the penis extenders, the SizeGenetics device is one of the best. This is a good company that backs their product with a 100% guarantee. The product is based on sound medical principal.

sizegenetics device traction based penis enlargement image2The principal that it is based on is called medical traction. When someone suffers from a major tissue damage injury, the doctor will order the patient be placed in traction. The area around the damage will be placed in traction.

By placing the injury in traction, the tissue around the injury will be stretched. This will cause the tissue cells around the injury to split and grow more tissue. The new tissue will heal the wound.

This principal has also been used for years by tribes in Burma to stretch and increase the length of their necks.

They will continue to stretch their neck by placing more and more rings around the neck between the jaw bone and the shoulders.

This pressure will cause the neck to stretch using the same principal and mechanics of traction.

When it comes to your penis, the same applies. You will be placing your penis in the SizeGenetics device that will pull on the tip to put the penis in traction. When the tissue of the penis is stretched, this will cause the tissue to act the same as when an injury is in traction.

The stretching will cause the tissue cells to split and form new tissue. This new tissue will result in a longer and thicker penis. Also see the article "How does Jes Extender works?"

The SizeGenetics stretching device has been proven in many clinical trials and can give the user up to 3 inches of growth in the length and up to one inch in the thickness of the penis. At the same time, penis extenders are proven to increase penis blood flow, so helping men with erection.

This is said to be one of the most comfortable of the devices to wear. This is important because to get results, you will need to use it for long periods of time. You can wear the device during your daily routine with baggy pants and no one will know you are using it.

The SizeGenetics device not only comes with a 100% money back guarantee, but the company is willing to refund the money you spend on it if you will send them the before and after pictures of your progress. This seems like a win win situation to me.

In the land of penis enlargement, this extender seems to be the most preferred method to get effective, permanent results.

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