The Best Penis Enlargement Devices

Conventional wisdom would tell us that there is no way on this earth that we could “grow” or “enlarge” our manhood, so why do we continue to run searches about the best penis enlargement devices? It’s because the thought is like that splinter in the back of your mind, coaxing you to search just a little bit further.

Maybe, just maybe, there may be some new or secret way that we can enlarge our penises, and just happens to be something that few have actually found. Well, believe it or not, we may have found the 21st Century’s option for male enhancement. It’s not a pill or even an exercise… it comes in the form of a penis enlargement device.

The Traditional Thought Process

Basically, the market offers lots of choices, but only a few have proven to work. The most recent “discoveries” happen to be centered on the penis pump. Many good men have shelled out hundreds in hopes of finding the right penis pump, only to come into contact with faulty biological science. The problem is the fact that penis pumps can’t work.

They can’t work for the same reason that pills don’t work. You can’t just engorge the blood vessels of the penis and hope to expand tissue. It is tissue expansion that will cause the penis to enlarge.

full set of sigeneticsBasically, the penis pump works through engorging the blood vessels via changing the air pressure into a vacuum surrounding the penis.

In essence, hoping a penis pump will enlarge your manhood in a permanent way is a lot like praying that a cock ring will do the same. This simply isn’t going to happen.

The key to true expansion and enlargement is to stretch the tissues, causing micro tears and cell duplication. Of course, for those of us who work out, we do this every single day.

The True Matter At Hand

If you are looking for the best penis enlargement devices, then it is important that you keep anatomy in mind.

Also, this isn’t the anatomy that scientists learn about in symposiums; this is more like the anatomy you learned about in the 8th grade.

When you would like to grow a tissue, what do you have to do? You must stretch and work that tissue.

This principle is applied to muscles during a workout. So, if you were to take the same “penis pump concept” and apply it to a bodily workout.

Then simply sitting in a vacuum chamber would eventually make you ripped. As we said, that’s not going to happen.

The Options

If you are looking for a penis extender, which are technology’s and the market’s only options for true and safe penis enlargement, you run into two main choices.

One of the best on the market happens to be the Vimax extender. This device has had absolute proven results to make a man “larger”.

It is also built using medically proven and tough tested materials. However, the extender from Vimax is pretty much cheap ($99) and there is a problem. If it’s not comfortable, then why in the world would thousands of men wear it?

So, we arrive at your surefire solution for enlarging your manhood with the best penis enlargement device. That device is the one that comes from ProExtender. This system has many different fittings to ensure a comfortable time wearing the device.

Every man is “shaped differently”, so this cannot be a “one size fits all” kind of deal. So, ProExtender system has the best penis enlargement device on the market. If you need to make your penis bigger, this is the company and product that we would have to recommend.



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